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The Hunger Games GIF Meme

The Hunger Games GIF Meme
  1. Open your GIFs folder.

  2. Use every fourth GIF.


I'm adding in my own commentary.

You on the morning of the reaping:


Finally, the reaping, maybe now I'll be rid of some of these fools!

Waiting for the names to be called:


You can take him! Or her over there!

Your reaction when your name is called:


Oh lol, I'm all like,"me? Even better! Now I can kill others!"

What you think of the other tribute from your district:


So they DID pick someone I didn't like! 

Saying goodbye to your friends and family:


I guess they ganged up on me. Don't care, I'm a bit of a dick really so, meh.

First thing you do on the Tribute Train:


*Hugging the other tribute from my district* "I'm so glad I'm here with you."
Thinking,"its going to be so fun watching you die."

Reaction to the other tributes:


Had about the same reaction reading the books, everyone was so awesome that I was completely in awe.

What you think of the Capitol:


Again, had about the same reaction when I read the books.

What you think of your stylist:


"You're my stylist? Well...hot damn."

How you feel during the tributes parade:


That'd be me, getting ready at the very last minute and loosing something.

Reaction to your score:


I don't know WHAT I did or WHAT I would get but, either way, yes, I WOULD have that reaction. ...Lol, I most likely sat there and either pissed off the peacemakers or did nothing at all.

During your interview preparation:


OBVIOUSLY I'm talking to my prep team. If they were anything like Katniss' then I can see myself doing that.

Your interview:


Agreed, I have MASSIVE stage fright in some cases, and speaking to all of Panem? My gawd.

How you spend your last night before the Games:


Messing with the couple from another district right away. Honestly, how could I resist.

Waiting in the Launch Room:


Stylist/Mentor:"Be brave kid."

Me:"I have no time for this, so just -points- up I go."

You during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia:


I'm getting supplies dammit, no way I'm going to head into these games with nothing at all. -is beat up-

Your reaction when someone wants to be allies with you:


Lmao, I'm such a dick XD

What you do for most of the games:


Defense tactic, since I'm too lazy to fight I hide or play dead...or I was really badly injured at the cornucopia. 

First time you kill someone:


I play dead, wait for someone to come by, then I just shoot em down like,"I don't even care."

when the other tribute from your district dies:


He doesn't exist in this world anymore? I'm on my own without him constantly badgering me for an alliance? -aroused-

how you feel when you win:


"You didn't make an alliance with ANYONE, and you were almost killed off, twice."

"I've never begged for mercy in my life, wasn't going to start now." -or something like that.-

How you greet your stylist and mentor:


I'm either not to happy over what I have to wear that night or I'm fucking ecstatic over it.

You during the replay of the games:


After the games, as they replay the event's, they choose a theme for the winner. For me, I'm most likely either made to look horrifying or devious as hell.

So I'm all like,"that's me!"

First thing you do when you get home:


There would be reporters everywhere when I first arrived home. I'd give a big fuck you to president snow and the games, give people inspiration to rebel, then end it like,"your games couldn't kill me, I've got control over my own life, fuck your idiotic little games, and goodbye." 

Watch, I'd totally Sherlock it, manage to fake it, and escape to district 13 where I'd share my,"I don't give a fuck," attitude with everyone there.

...Love the hunger games.

Little weirded out that the universe has told me 5 times now this week that I'm some kind of monster but I had fun doing this =D