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If Sherlock was being played by a woman, and John was being played by a man.

John, coming from the army and being quite the 'coneseur' of women, knowing that he'd have to get past that and get along with Sherlock more while dealing with the love interest thing that america would no doubt shove down our throats? It, to me, would be fantastic.

Sherlock would be the one woman John can't have in any way, yet he finds her absolutely brilliant. Sherlock is married to her work, yet finds John to be a very great person to talk at. I can see the romance building up between them slowly, rather than having it smack us in the face all the damn time. 

Eventually when they came across Irene Adler (who would need to be played by a man for various reasons), John is faced with jealousy, just as he is in the BBC version. The man is sexier, taller, and smarter than he is, and Sherlock seems to fancy him quite a bit. The whole encounter would follow BBC's experience almost exactly the same, minus the fact that John could have his own moment after Sherlock flashes back to saving the man, where he realizes,"oh fuck, I'm in love with Sherlock Holmes."

If they kept Moriarty a man?
Show's how powerful and brave Sherlock would be in the face of danger, squaring off with one of the most powerful and evil men in the world.
If they made him a woman?
She could try to manipulate John, to get to Sherlock.

Idk, I personally think it would have a lot more dynamics/power struggles in it verses the version they plan on showing.