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Happy New Year!! My 2013 Resolutions!!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2013 resolutions list!

I'll be posting this to my Tumblr/s and my livejournal so woo!!!

Let's begin with the fun stuff and THEN get to the healthy things! Woo!!

  1. Read 50 Books this Year (Give me suggestions people!!)
  2. Work on my Art/Writing at least 3 times a week.
  3. Draw more Fanart for SuperWhoLockAvengerTrek (individual and possibly together).
  4. Post a piece of artwork, original or otherwise, every Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
  5. Create, edit and post at least one Fanfiction a month. If chapters, then post once a week beginning in February.
  6. Once a steady job is found, buy a Hedgehog, name him something Sherlock related and become his best friend.
  7. Be more fashionable/stylish.
  8. Earn enough cash to get a galaxy tablet phone thing.
  9. Plan a trip back downstate in May.
  10. Take on the 30 Day OTP Challenge.
  11. Buy more books/use PaperBackSwap as much as possible.
  12. Actually write/sell a few short stories and possibly even a novel on PubIt!

Now for health related things!!

  1. Yoga. Every Day. 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. Once Spring hits, plan a route and go running/walking.
  3. Buy a bike.
  4. Re-learn how to ride a bike then bike EVERYWHERE.
  5. Cut down on sweets (unless its a holiday/birthday).
  6. Try not to die from cutting down on sweets (or from the sugar coma's you will undoubtedly go into from eating all those special occasion sweets).
  7. Try eating healthier and drink more water/power aide (for once, try to make soda a sometimes drink).
  8. Plant some fruit/buy some hanging fruit things, etc.

And I pretty much think that cover's the list of things I need/want to do =D

Hopefully I'll accomplish everything I set out to do XD

Much love to all my followers and friends and I hope 2013 brings you lots of luck/fun times! Lets head into this New Year with our best foot forward!! =D