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iPhone for my Birthday/Graduation Gift!

I'm FINALLY getting an iPhone!
I've been wanting one since they first came out, and now I've FINALLY bought one, with a service plan that my parent's plan on splitting the bill over until I tell them to stop paying.

It's like, back in middle school? I wanted one just because everyone ELSE had one.
In high school? I wanted one out of pure convenience and something to do when I got bored.

Now that I'm a high school graduate?
I'm excited to be able to read/write fanfiction,watch Doctor Who/Supernatural and reblog things on tumblr whenever I damn well please XD

It's supposed to arrive on June 6th so, happy day early birthday to me XD
Now I'm just excitedly shifting though pictures of Johnlock and Dustiel to use as the wallpapers XD

Great Scott, this iPhone of mine shall be the iPhone of the fandom gods and Ima love it to bits -^^-

Supernatural Fanfic: Cries

Title: ​ Cries
Pairing: Dean Winchester X Castiel (Dustiel)
Genre: Angst/Hurt and Comfort
Rating: K+
Summery: A quick,short,Dustiel one-shot. Set after Dean met Famine.

AN: I decided to write a Dustel fic.At first I was all,”Yeah!Lets go into this full force!” But then I remembered the ending of the 5th season and how Chuck was all,”ending’s are hard,” and then my writing was all,”nope.”

I think it’s ok. I’m REALLY proud of the first half. After that I’m like,meh.

Hope you like it though! 

(I know that made you all want to read it so,so much. I have ALL of the self-confidence! Obviously! XD)


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"Fanfiction? Um...weird."


"Why don't you read a NORMAL book?"

"Tell me, have you ever gotten so emotionally attached to a character in one of the book's you've read,that they made you laugh till you were in tears? And cry so hard that you curled up into a ball and sobbed for hours on end?"


"That's why."

"But THAT'S not an ACTUAL book!"

"I don't see why I can't count it as one! It's over 200 pages long on my nook, it's story and characters are well written, and the author can even take in criticism and suggestions from their readers to improve and make us love their work even more."

"But, but it's not published! There's no point in reading it!"


Pretty sure the original post was talking about WRITING fanfiction vs reading it but, same principal I suppose.

Fic:You Heard Jim What?

Title: You Heard Jim What?
Author: vanillatweezle
Word Count:  451
Summary: Spock heard Jim do something...illogical.
A very short and sweet fic that's more like a blurb. It's one of those kinda idea's I come up with at 1 or 2am and jot down, start planning, but never actually write. So this time I said, "the hell with it, I'm going to write a short version." Maybe one day I'll write a longer version with the same concept, who knows.
Either way,hope you like it :3

    “Now, there may be something wrong with my hearing Spock. I could have sworn that you just told me-”

    “You heard me correctly doctor. Now, forgive my asking, none of my studies have ever informed me on this subject, do all human’s posses this...ability?” For the second time in a row, Spock had managed to render McCoy completely speechless. All the doctor could do was give Spock this completely befuddled and confused look.

    “No Spock, there has never been any case of a person being able to do that. Jim must have just been imitating the noise for one reason or another.” As McCoy turned to get back to work, Spock’s eyebrow rose.

    “I assure you doctor, I’ve heard the noise before, this was not an imitation.” McCoy stopped, turned back to face Spock again, and put his hand on his shoulder.
    “Spock, I’ve known Jim for years, hell he was the first person I met at the academy. I can tell you right now, as his friend and his doctor-

-there is no way you heard Jim pur.”

    With that, McCoy once again turned around and got back to work, attending to a patient while Spock stood there, hands folded behind his back. As he walked out of sick bay and off to his quarters, he wondered if he really HAD heard Jim incorrectly somehow. It wasn’t completely impossible after all. After a bit more thought, he decided to agree with the doctor. Maybe there really was something wrong with his hearing, if he had heard such a thing.

    Once in his quarters, he looked at the clock. Seeing as it was half an hour past when he usually slept, he headed to the bed, sitting at it’s edge as he took off his boots and pants. As he pulled the shirt off and over his head, he looked back, and gazed down at his sleeping captain. He had fallen asleep in Spock’s bed yet again, and he slept just as he had each time, back to the wall as he curled up under the blankets.

    As Spock sat, staring at his captain, he listened carefully for any sound, any purring.



Nothing but the sound of Jim’s quiet, even breaths.

    The vulcan nodded slightly before laying down, thinking to himself how tired he must have been to think that Jim had actually making such a sound. The corner of his lips curved upward slightly as he covered himself with the blankets and began drifting off to sleep.

    But even after deciding how a strange, illogical thought it had been, Spock could have sworn he heard the noise again. The light purring that came from his captain as he nuzzled and smiled against his shoulder in his sleep.

NaNoWriMo 2011!!

It's finally that time of the year guys.

NaNoWriMo is here once again!

What's this you say? Whats NaNoWriMo?
Well my good friend/random passer by,NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's where you sit down from the first till the 30th of November and type your brains out until you reach 50,000 words.
You can do it by hand or by computer,or type writer,whatever.
You don't do it for a prize (except maybe a t-shirt and a certain % off of excellent writing software),you do it for the satisfaction of being able to go all up in your friends faces and go,"ne-ner-ne-ner-ne-ner,I wrote a novel! A NOVEL! You is jealous!!!"

...Lol XD

After having a bit of hell trying to decide on whether to write an original story or a fanfiction,I've decided to go with an original story...that's based on Spock and Kirk so much that it's redonculous XD

But you know,good times will be had.
It really is an easy event,I mean last year I wrote 20-30,000 words in 3 days after writing for...I'm going to guess what was 12 hours or less all together.

Currently I'm planning out my characters a bit,as well as trying to figure out exactly how to start and exactly what my plot will be (90% is already figured out).

Anywho,Wish me luck in getting to 50,000 XD


For about...the 2nd or 3rd time in my life,I'm actually stumped on what to write Fanfiction wise.
Mainly because I've been a nu!Star Trek mood since this weekend and I'm trying to think of an astounding fic that I can post here XD

The one idea I have is one shot that would be set up like an episode, with break's in between certain events involving an OC I drempt up. However,if I we're to do that, I feel I would need one of those messages at the end of the story that were normally at the end of some TOS episodes...and I can't think of what the message surrounding this characters being would be,which royally sucks ^^;

Pinto wise,I thought about writing this one fic I planned out MONTHS ago,but I have to said plans before I do anything! <XD

I thought about doing a mirror fic,but I was going to such extremes while thinking one up that I actually managed to look at myself and go,"whoa man,whoa,Kirk and Spock don't deserve that. Neither does Chekov...dear god."

So yeah,sitting here procrastinating when i should be doing homework,writing a journal maybe 1 or 2 people may read,but,meh XD

Goal's of Summer 2011

Oh boy ^^;
You know,every year for summer,I set some goals.
It's unfortunate that most goals of mine are never acheived...that dear friends is because I'm very,VERY lazy.

So I'm going to list my goals,let's see if I can accomplish them :3

Summer 2011 Goals!
  • Write a book/Write as much of a book as I can for sale on Pubit!
  • Write and post Fanfiction.
  • Review all the books I read on Youtube.
  • Finish the Maximum Ride Series by the end of summer.
  • Get emancipated/move out of my current house.
  • Get a job after emancipation/move.
  • Save up money (After School/Senior Year Savings)
  • Actually type up my short stories.
  • Read Every Day.
  • Compete in an OCBZ Tournament.
That's all I can really think up on the spot :3
Mostly stuff about writing,reading and saving money =D

So Wish me luck this summer I guess -w-

I'm a Gaia Go-er {A Hello}

Hello LiveJournal!
I thought I put a hello on here a long time ago but then I remembered,"oh yeah!I wanted to post a hello,then make most of my entries writing pieces!"
Then while on gaia today I thought..."Wow! I should get to that!" XD

So yush.
My pen name (as of now) is Beatrix Chevalier,hopefully that's the name I'll be sticking with XD

You can read on my livejournal profile page that I write horror and romance mostly. The thing is,when I actually DO write it,chances are I write it in a notebook and never get around to typing it so... >3<

I'm a procrastinator to the x-tream.
I'd like to be more active in my writing but I'm just so lazy/sleepy all the time,either that or when I DO want to write,I have writers block then destroy everything I wrote,whether it was good or not :I

I also draw and I have the same procrastinating/artists block problem there too D:

Why do I go on Gaia?
Well mah friends,its fun to stalk forums and talk about books.
Also,since I've gotten pokemon white,I've been trading and battling people on there like crazy XD

So besides that...
I'm just a penniless writer from Michigan who hopes of becoming a novelist one day.
I love watching movies,sleeping,cuddling,kissing,yelling "PASTA!!" (jk XD),reading and of course writing.

Now I'm currently off to write a script for script frenzy so...yeah,off I go XD

Hope to meet lots of you here on LiveJournal! -^^-