Happy New Year!! My 2013 Resolutions!!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2013 resolutions list!

I'll be posting this to my Tumblr/s and my livejournal so woo!!!

Let's begin with the fun stuff and THEN get to the healthy things! Woo!!

  1. Read 50 Books this Year (Give me suggestions people!!)
  2. Work on my Art/Writing at least 3 times a week.
  3. Draw more Fanart for SuperWhoLockAvengerTrek (individual and possibly together).
  4. Post a piece of artwork, original or otherwise, every Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
  5. Create, edit and post at least one Fanfiction a month. If chapters, then post once a week beginning in February.
  6. Once a steady job is found, buy a Hedgehog, name him something Sherlock related and become his best friend.
  7. Be more fashionable/stylish.
  8. Earn enough cash to get a galaxy tablet phone thing.
  9. Plan a trip back downstate in May.
  10. Take on the 30 Day OTP Challenge.
  11. Buy more books/use PaperBackSwap as much as possible.
  12. Actually write/sell a few short stories and possibly even a novel on PubIt!

Now for health related things!!

  1. Yoga. Every Day. 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. Once Spring hits, plan a route and go running/walking.
  3. Buy a bike.
  4. Re-learn how to ride a bike then bike EVERYWHERE.
  5. Cut down on sweets (unless its a holiday/birthday).
  6. Try not to die from cutting down on sweets (or from the sugar coma's you will undoubtedly go into from eating all those special occasion sweets).
  7. Try eating healthier and drink more water/power aide (for once, try to make soda a sometimes drink).
  8. Plant some fruit/buy some hanging fruit things, etc.

And I pretty much think that cover's the list of things I need/want to do =D

Hopefully I'll accomplish everything I set out to do XD

Much love to all my followers and friends and I hope 2013 brings you lots of luck/fun times! Lets head into this New Year with our best foot forward!! =D



Long Time no See!

Hello everyone and anyone who's still stationed here on LiveJournal (you poor souls) and anyone who's following this journal of mine (I'm sorry life guided you my way you precious usuer you)!

I haven't posted here in quite some time, not that anyone cares, no one is ever here.

Why am I even posting this?

Meh, update over.

Star Trek Fanfic in the Works!!

It's only natural that at the end of any vacation or trip I have, I'm suddenly inspired to write something. That's just the hatred the universe decides to throw at me every once in a while.


I've been inspired to write a Spirk fanfiction, for the first time in forever. Surprisingly enough, it's not going to be very romantic. Its also not going to be much of a horror. I'm going to try and make it a...action, suspense thriller, my first time really working in the genre.

It won't be up for quite a bit but, wanted to make a journal about it...cause I can :o

Back to planning and writing I go!

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Vacation is Coming to a Close

I decided to visit my boyfriend Mark this summer and, luckily, I've been here since June. Now, I'm heading back home on Saturday/Sunday.

Part of me is happy to be heading back home. It's been absolutely chaotic here with Marks family situations. I've also been made to wake up every morning/afternoon and clean...

...my summer, and everyday, I cleaned SOMETHING.
There was maybe a day or two, maybe, MAYBE three that I didn't have to.

Anywho, of course a. Big part of me doesn't want to go since I've loved the time I've spent with my boyfriend.

But, I need to do a few things back home, figure out what to do with my dog and really try to get a job and save up a bit of cash fooooor whatever.


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What Would Get Me to Watch the American Version of Sherlock?

If Sherlock was being played by a woman, and John was being played by a man.

John, coming from the army and being quite the 'coneseur' of women, knowing that he'd have to get past that and get along with Sherlock more while dealing with the love interest thing that america would no doubt shove down our throats? It, to me, would be fantastic.

Sherlock would be the one woman John can't have in any way, yet he finds her absolutely brilliant. Sherlock is married to her work, yet finds John to be a very great person to talk at. I can see the romance building up between them slowly, rather than having it smack us in the face all the damn time. 

Eventually when they came across Irene Adler (who would need to be played by a man for various reasons), John is faced with jealousy, just as he is in the BBC version. The man is sexier, taller, and smarter than he is, and Sherlock seems to fancy him quite a bit. The whole encounter would follow BBC's experience almost exactly the same, minus the fact that John could have his own moment after Sherlock flashes back to saving the man, where he realizes,"oh fuck, I'm in love with Sherlock Holmes."

If they kept Moriarty a man?
Show's how powerful and brave Sherlock would be in the face of danger, squaring off with one of the most powerful and evil men in the world.
If they made him a woman?
She could try to manipulate John, to get to Sherlock.

Idk, I personally think it would have a lot more dynamics/power struggles in it verses the version they plan on showing.

The Hunger Games GIF Meme

The Hunger Games GIF Meme
  1. Open your GIFs folder.

  2. Use every fourth GIF.


I'm adding in my own commentary.

You on the morning of the reaping:


Finally, the reaping, maybe now I'll be rid of some of these fools!

Waiting for the names to be called:


You can take him! Or her over there!

Your reaction when your name is called:


Oh lol, I'm all like,"me? Even better! Now I can kill others!"

Collapse )

Dream Sharing 101 with Doctor Who!!

I had my first Lucid Dream last night and, coincidentally, I shared it with my best friend ixetka (or you know, as I know her, Katie).

My dream: We went to the movies, Donna’s (yes, companion Donna’s) grandfather helped get me snacks for some reason. Dream Katie (knew it was a dream version since her presence didn’t have much…power to it) went off with a woman from “The Unicorn and The Wasp,” when I heard The Tardis. I ran after the sound, calling for The Doctor, saw the Tardis, and then it disappeared. 

I suddenly skipped to the house from said episode with dream Katie, heard the Tardis again and went running. I found him looking for something/someone, held the door handle nearby and said,”always check behind the door,” before thrusting it back and knocking someone out. 

Skip to me begging The Doctor, who looked really pissed off for some reason, to take me and the REAL Katie with him on the Tardis. Then REAL Katie popped in through the door behind us and I woke up.

Her Dream: She was with The Doctor, pregnant with one of his children, sitting in this library/file room thing. Then it started flooding. Then suddenly, at one point, The Doctor was gone.

She couldn’t remember a huge chunk of her dream after that, then got a headache when she did finally remember.

We told each other about our dreams and gathered up the common elements:

  • Same blue wallpaper on the walls of the room The Doctor was in.
  • The type of room The Doctor was in.
  • The fact it was The 10th Doctor in both our dreams.
  • The Doctor was wearing the exact same outfit.
  • The fact that he SUDDENLY vanished in her’s and SUDDENLY appeared in mine.
  • When I left that room in my dream, she was in the exact same location when her dream started up again.
  • That woman from “The Unicorn and The Wasp” was in her dream too and seemed to appear when she did in my dream.

After taking in the note that a chunk of her memory (referring to her dream) was gone, it all started making sense, and we really DID share our dreams.

You see, I went to bed around 5am. When I sleep, I wake up and go back to bed once or twice, THEN I dream. Then I got up at 12pm.

SHE went to bed around 7, and it takes her about 2 hours to dream. 

The way I see it, the first half of my dream, I was at the movies and she was with The Doctor. When she lost track of her dream, dream Katie appeared in my dream, and soon after, The Doctor and The Tardis were outside the theater.

Katie didn’t remember a chunk of her dreams, and I felt dream Katie didn’t have as much presence as everyone else:

Since she came from her dream into mine,  confused and wondering where she was constantly!

When I found The Doctor, and thrust the door back, I hit Katie! Meaning, when I did, I may have hurt her AND the baby, and THAT’S why The Doctor was so angry at me.

She came out of the door behind us when I was talking to The Doctor, MEANING, it WAS her! When I saw her, her presence snapped me awake, because it was MUCH more powerful than it was before, like she was NOW a character in my dreams/like she realized where she was.

When she entered her dream again, she had a very bad headache; no doubt from the concussion I gave her when I thrust the door back!

Ladies and gentlemen, Doctor Who induced a dream sharing session between me and my best friend, and it was fucking brilliant!